Thursday, December 18, 2008

plane rides

so evedently today's topis is on plane rides.

i was on 2 planes going to florida
frm hawai'i to texas to florida
i didn't get much sleep wanna know why?!
i slept for about 4 hrs at the most and i was so tired when i arrived
i was spacing out everywhere i looked.
and also we are 5hrs ahead of oahu which is a pain because thats going to be hard for me to get use to
im not worried about getting use to it going back home.
sleeping early isnt a crime haha
but omg when i was trying to sleep lastnight at 10pm here was hard
it was only 5 in oahu!
but i think i can get a hang of it,
what was most retarded was that my ipod lasted longer then my computer
my i-pod lasted about 3 or 4 hrs and my laptop lasted about 4 or 5 MINUTES
i think it's broken
but if i have my charger its all good
so thats te end of my blog
it's 7:11am in oahu and 12:12pm here in florida.
i woke up about a hour ago
so im gnna take a shower


Quote for today:"you dont always have to hold your head higher then your heart" -Jack Johnson

Refection on today:
Today is just another rainy day..I leave to florida in 3 days and Monday is my last day til school starts back up. I leave on tuesday night. It's going to be tons of fun and I'm stoked. I hope this flight goes by fast. I don't like flying..I was suppose to goto the Waimanalo christmas parade today but it was raining so i decided not to go..

Today's topic:
I decided to write about music today, just because music is a very important thing to us these days..and I'm not being sarcastic. Usually hip-hop musicians write about booty bumping and all that stuff, and I'll admit some of it is good but some is just rediculious. apple bottom jeans and boots with the fur? I mean come on do they have nothing else to write about? But as for me I perfer acoustic music, some rock, some hip-hop, some rap and reggae. I dont like country! But thats just my opinion. I'm not saying you guys should like the same type of music as me. I'm just giving my opinion. and if you don't want my opinions...DONT READ MY BLOGSSome bands I perfer:.Jack Johnson .Paramore .Teddy Geiger .Nickelback .Hinder .Lady Gaga .T-Pain .Akon .Mutemath .Eminem .Kanye West .Select Start .Dashboard Confessional .Sugar Ray .Rebelution .Sublime .Pepper .SOJA and more..dont comment me giving me more bands these are TORI'S suggestions not tori's and EVERYONE ELSE im jus kidding if u have suggestions just comment me =]
peace out